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The elementary and general part of science is taught to both primary students and secondary students. Science consists of three subtopics which are Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. A child in a Senior Secondary has the option of choosing where they want to focus on later. Nevertheless, it is compulsory in some schools for senior secondary students to choose 2 of the 5 topics. Some other schools do not allow students to take all three. Unlike Physics, Chemistry is mostly based on theory and involves deep understanding and concepts; this can be a bit tasking for some students. However, a good home tuition can help.

Firstly, when your child has a home tuition, it helps simplify and elaborate on concepts that were previously difficult to understand or was causing any form of confusion about certain topics. Topics get tougher as student’s progress so having a good understanding of them from the foundation is essential to having a good grade and enjoying that subject.

Chemistry Tutor

Secondly, reading chemistry alone can sometimes be boring since it is a topic that is theory based, a tutor can help you with making it very practical and easy to apply the theoretical aspect. He will answer any question you may have and make you understand it better; he can prepare you ahead for an exam or test.

Thirdly, if you are thinking of flexibility, then home tuition is the way to go because it is solely at your schedule and timing. Our tutors are flexible such that they can always reschedule when you don’t have the time as it was previously fixed and it also tailored to the tutor’s schedule. You can select the course you want to tutor to focus on. Teachers in schools teach according to the required syllabus, so there won’t be a change in syllabus just to suit every child. However, a home tuition will give you this.

Chemistry is sometimes difficult to comprehend for some children, and this is not strange. Not all students have a great understanding of all topics; however, a home tutor can help with this, and the child will improve in that topic. Having the right tutor to shed more light to concepts not previously understood in chemistry makes it fun to learn and read. Give All As’ us the chance to help your child; we are the best center or agency for chemistry tutoring.

  • FEES

    Every students interested to join us must attend free assesment with Miss Sultana for tution at the address 57 chua Chu Kang Loop

    Individual Home Tuition

    Once a week

    $150 per hr

    (max 2 sibling can join)

    Primary Maths

    Twice a week


    for 8 lessons a month and each lesson is 2hrs

    Primary maths and Science

    3 times a week


    for 12 lessons and each lesson is 2 hrs

    Secondary ,IP,IB ,NUS High and International school A maths,E maths,Chemistry and Physics

    One Subject


    for 4 lessons and each lesson 1.5hrs

    Two Subject


    for 4 lessons snd each lesson is 2.5hrs

    Junior College



    for 4 lessons and each lesson is 2 hrs

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