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Terms and Conditions for Singapore

  • Primary 6 Mathematics

  • Secondary 4 Elementary

  • Additional Mathematics

  • Chemistry Junior College

  • Chemistry

I will provide for my enrolled students with my exclusive,supplementary materials on Monday,Wednesday and Friday.Students are strongly encouraged to complete the assignments to gain a thorough understanding of the topics taught.Upon submission of the assignments,worked solutions would be given to the students. Feedback wil be given to the parents for efficient monitoring of their children’s progress.Furthermore,I will coach students on the topics listed below.

Main topics such as the ones stated below will be covered.

  • Alegebra

  • Ratio

  • Fraction

  • Percentage

  • A combination of more challenging questions :

  • – Ratio
    – Fraction
    – Percentage

  • Circles

  • Perimeter, Area and Volume

  • Graphs and Pie Chart

  • Distance ,Speed and Time

  • Sec 4- E Maths

  • Indices and standard form

  • Quadratic factorisation , completing square and problems on quadratic equations

  • Scale Map

  • Coordinate Geometry

  • Quadratic Graphs

  • Geometry

  • Similarity and Congruency

  • Geometrical Properties of circles

  • Trigonometry

  • Statistic

  • Simple Probability

  • Vectors

  • Sec 4 -A Maths

  • Simultaneous and sum and Products of the roots

  • Polynomial

  • Surds and Indices

  • Logarithm

  • Modules

  • Geometry

  • Binomial

  • Triginometry

  • Circles

  • Proof Geometry

  • Linear Law

  • Differentiation

  • Integration

Mathematics new syllabus will be covered.

  • Atomic structure

  • Bonding

  • Chemical formula, balancing equations and Ionic equation

  • Chemical Calculations

  • Acid, Base and Salt

  • Chemical Analysis

  • Periodic Table

  • Metals and Metal extraction

  • Hydrogen

  • Nitrogen

  • Air

  • Electrolysis

  • Rate of reaction

  • Energy Changes

  • Organic Chemistry

Junior College-Chemistry (For Singapore)


  • $150 per workshop

  • 3 hours per workshop

  • Students who register for minimum 6 workshops would be refunded $100 if they do not achieve an A in the ‘A’ level chemistry examination.

  • No refund would be given for workshops unless student registers for 6 minimum workshops.

  • Atomic Structure

  • Balancing Redox Reaction in acidic medium, alkaline and neutral medium.

  • Ionic Bonding

  • Covalent Bonding

  • Dative Bonding

  • Shapes and Molecules

  • States of matter

  • Reaction of Kinetics

  • Chemical and Ionic Equilibria

  • Periodicity

  • Group 2

  • Group 7

  • Transition

  • Basic Organic Chemistry

  • Hydrocarbon

  • Alkanes, Alkene and Arenes

  • Halogens and Alcohols

  • Carbonyl and Carboxylic acid

  • Nitrogen and polymerisation

  • FEES

    Every students interested to join us must attend free assesment with Miss Sultana for tution at the address 57 chua Chu Kang Loop

    P5 and P6 maths

    Once a week


    for 4 lessons a month

    Twice a week


    for 8 lessons a month

    From secondary 2 onwards

    One Subject


    for 4 lessons a month

    Two Subject


    for 8 lessons a month

    Three Subject


    for 12 lessons a month

    Four Subject


    for 16 lessons a month

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