Terms and Conditions for Brunei

  • Year 6 and 7

  • Mathematics

  • Junior Secondary Education year 8, 9, 10.

  • Mathematics

  • Senior secondary school year 11 and 12.

  • Elementary Mathematics

  • Additional Mathematics

  • Chemistry.

I will provide for my enrolled students with my exclusive,supplementary materials on Monday,Wednesday and Friday.Students are strongly encouraged to complete the assignments to gain a thorough understanding of the topics taught.Upon submission of the assignments,worked solutions would be given to the students. Feedback wil be given to the parents for efficient monitoring of their children’s progress.Furthermore,I will coach students on the topics listed below.

Classes will be conducted according to the New syllabus.

Main topics such as the ones stated below will be covered.

  • Alegebra

  • Ratio

  • Fraction

  • Percentage

A combination of more challenging questions :

  • Ratio

  • Fraction

  • Percentage

  • Circles

  • Perimeter, Area and Volume

  • Graphs and Pie Chart

  • Distance ,Speed and Time

Mathematics new syllabus will be covered.

  • Algebra

  • Whole numbers

  • Inequalities

  • Factorisation

  • -Highest Common factor

    -Lowest Common multiple

    -Quadratic factorisation

    -Grouping factorisation

  • Expansion

  • Similar and congruency

  • Scale math

  • Algebric Manipulations

  • Subject the formula

  • Graph

  • Statistics

  • Perimeter, Area and Volumes

  • Trigonometry

  • -Angle of elevation

    -Angle of depression

  • Recap junior secondary year 9 and 10. topics on algebra ,factorisation and the subject formulae

  • Indices and standard form

  • Quadratic factorisation , completing square and problems on quadratic equations

  • Scale Map

  • Coordinate Geometry

  • Quadratic Graphs

  • Geometry

  • Similarity and Congruency

  • Geometrical Properties of circles

  • Trigonometry

  • Trigonometry

  • Statistic

  • Simple Probability

  • Vectors

  • Note: Year 12 students compulsorily need to join year 11 classes ( Required only for certain students)

  • Simultaneous and sum and Products of the roots

  • Polynomial

  • Surds and Indices

  • Logarithm

  • Modules

  • Geometry

  • Binomial

  • Triginometry

  • Circles

  • Proof Geometry

  • Linear Law

  • Differentiation

  • Integration

  • Note: Year 12 students compulsorily need to join year 11 classes ( Required only for certain students)

New syllabus recognised by Ministry of Education

  • Atomic structure

  • Bonding

  • Chemical formula, balancing equations and Ionic equation

  • Chemical Calculations

  • Acid, Base and Salt

  • Chemical Analysis

  • Periodic Table

  • Metals and Metal extraction

  • Hydrogen

  • Nitrogen

  • Air

  • Electrolysis

  • Rate of reaction

  • Energy Changes

  • Organic Chemistry


  • 6 Free Workshops

  • Workshops will be convened for Brunei students[Year 6-Year12] in March and June and I will be available for personal
    consultations to the students.These workshops will be restricted to students who make 2-month payments in advance.Each student must pay $500 per month for the services rendered by me. (Brunei Dollar)

  • Fees quoted above are for every 4 lessons of 2 and a half hours each at All A’s Academy .You will be paying the school fees on 2-month basis [ 8 lessons].Your tuition fee will be based on the date of registration.

  • We do not collect any deposit.

  • Students can withdraw at the end of the 8 lessons if he or she does not feel the lessons are suited for them.

Refund Fee: Students must be with All A’s academy for a minimum of 4 months.

  • Students who fail to achieve A grade in the respective subjects taken at All A’s academy will be refunded 150 dollars.

  • Students who carry on at All A’s academy for more than 6 months, 250 dollars will be refunded if they fail to score an A.

  • Students who wish to withdraw in between the course of the 8 lessons that they had paid for, will not be refunded.

  • Failure to make up lessons should be informed. Missed questions would be sent to them through email with their worked solutions.

  • Questions based on these worksheets can be asked on a one-on-one basis on Friday, from 10 am to 12 pm or 2pm to 3.30pm, Saturday, Sunday from between 8am to 10am and Absentees can ask questions from 2pm -5.30pm on Monday.

Pre-University workshops


  • $150 per workshop

  • 3 hours per workshop

  • Students who register for minimum 6 workshops would be refunded $100 if they do not achieve an A in the ‘A’ level chemistry examination.

  • No refund would be given for workshops unless student registers for 6 minimum workshops.

  • Students can select their preferred workshops.

  • Workshops 1-3 will be held during the term 1 holidays.

  • Workshops 4-6 will be held during the period, 26th of June and 10th of July. The exact date will be announced at the end of february.

  • Workshops 7-8 will be held during the month of September. (term 3 holiday) The exact date will be announced later.

  • Workshop 9 will be held after the 10th of October. The exact date will be announced later. ( 2 months prior to the date)

  • Atomic Structure

  • Balancing Redox Reaction in acidic medium, alkaline and neutral medium.

  • Ionic Bonding

  • Covalent Bonding

  • Dative Bonding

  • Shapes and Molecules

  • States of matter

  • Reaction of Kinetics

  • Chemical and Ionic Equilibria

  • Periodicity

  • Group 2

  • Group 7

  • Transition

  • Basic Organic Chemistry

  • Hydrocarbon

  • Alkanes, Alkene and Arenes

  • Halogens and Alcohols

  • Carbonyl and Carboxylic acid

  • Nitrogen and polymerisation

  • FEES

    Every students interested to join us must attend free assesment with Miss Sultana for tution at the address 57 chua Chu Kang Loop

    Individual Home Tuition

    Once a week

    $150 per hr

    (max 2 sibling can join)

    Primary Maths

    Twice a week


    for 8 lessons a month and each lesson is 2hrs

    Primary maths and Science

    3 times a week


    for 12 lessons and each lesson is 2 hrs

    Secondary ,IP,IB ,NUS High and International school A maths,E maths,Chemistry and Physics

    One Subject


    for 4 lessons and each lesson 1.5hrs

    Two Subject


    for 4 lessons snd each lesson is 2.5hrs

    Junior College



    for 4 lessons and each lesson is 2 hrs

  • Our Other services

    We provide 'A' level chemistry questions by topics with clear explainations. It is a quality supplementary materials of an advanced standing from Miss Sultanah.Students will certainly find the materials worthy of investments.

    Only $ 70 per month.

    weekly 10 questions on every topic will sent to our Registered students e mail

    From Primary 3,4,5 and 6 students can ask school Maths homeworks from Mon to Fri.

    Only $ 50 per month.

    Answers would sent to their e mail or whatsapp

    Secondary students from secondary 1 to 4 can ask Elementary Maths and Additional maths school homework from Mon to Fri

    Only $ 60 per month.

    Answers would sent to their e mail or whatsapp