Schedule for Singapore


Mathematics Workshops (For those who enrolled in the Mathematics course stated above)

  • 4 Free Workshops

  • Workshops will be convened for Singapore students[Primary and Secondary] in March /April and I will be available for personal

  • consultations to the students.These workshops will be restricted to students who make 2-month payments in advance.Those who enrol for 2 months workshop, will be entitled to 2 free workshops. Those who enrol for 4 months workshop, will be entitled to 4 free workshops.

  • Each student must pay $200 for 9 hours per month for the services rendered by me. Each session will be for 3 hours.

  • Fees quoted above are for every 3 lessons of 3 hours each at All A’s Academy .You will be paying the school fees on 2-month basis [ 6 lessons].Your tuition fee will be based on the date of registration.

  • We do not collect any deposit.

  • Students can withdraw at the end of the 6 lessons if he or she does not feel the lessons are suited for them.

Refund Fee: Students must be with All A’s academy for a minimum of 4 months.

  • Students who fail to achieve A grade in the respective subjects taken at All A’s academy will be refunded 100 dollars.

  • Students who carry on at All A’s academy for more than 6 months, 150 dollars will be refunded if they fail to score an A.

  • Students who wish to withdraw in between the course of the 6 lessons that they had paid for, will not be refunded.

  • Failure to make up lessons should be informed. Missed questions would be sent to them through email with their worked solutions.

  • We are opening centres in Marine Parade and Choa Chu Kang

Schedule for Singapore :

Choa Chu Kang

  • Tuesday–> 3-6pm –> Primary 6, Maths

  • Tuesday–> 7-10pm–> Sec 4, A Maths

  • Wednesday–> 3-6 pm–> Primary 6, Maths

  • Wednesday–>7-10pm–> Sec 4, E Maths

  • Sunday–>2-5pm–> Sec 4, Chemistry

  • Sunday–> 6-9.30 pm–> JC, Chemistry

Those who wish to have their make-up lessons, they can have their lessons from 9am-1pm, Sunday.
57 Choa Chu Kang Loop, #11-44. Singapore (689685)

Marine Parade

  • Friday–>3-6 pm, Primary 6, Maths

  • Friday–> 6.30 -9.30pm, Sec 4, A Maths

  • Saturday–> 11-2pm, Sec 4, E Maths

  • Saturday–> 3-6pm, Sec 4, Chemistry

  • Saturday–> 6.30-9.30, JC, Chemistry

Those who wish to have their make-up lessons, they can have their lessons from 8am-10.30 am, Saturday.
Those who wish to have make-up lessons can attend lessons at either of the 2 tuitions.

  • FEES

    Every students interested to join us must attend free assesment with Miss Sultana for tution at the address 57 chua Chu Kang Loop

    Individual Home Tuition

    Once a week

    $150 per hr

    (max 2 sibling can join)

    Primary Maths

    Twice a week


    for 8 lessons a month and each lesson is 2hrs

    Primary maths and Science

    3 times a week


    for 12 lessons and each lesson is 2 hrs

    Secondary ,IP,IB ,NUS High and International school A maths,E maths,Chemistry and Physics

    One Subject


    for 4 lessons and each lesson 1.5hrs

    Two Subject


    for 4 lessons snd each lesson is 2.5hrs

    Junior College



    for 4 lessons and each lesson is 2 hrs

  • Our Other services

    We provide 'A' level chemistry questions by topics with clear explainations. It is a quality supplementary materials of an advanced standing from Miss Sultanah.Students will certainly find the materials worthy of investments.

    Only $ 70 per month.

    weekly 10 questions on every topic will sent to our Registered students e mail

    From Primary 3,4,5 and 6 students can ask school Maths homeworks from Mon to Fri.

    Only $ 50 per month.

    Answers would sent to their e mail or whatsapp

    Secondary students from secondary 1 to 4 can ask Elementary Maths and Additional maths school homework from Mon to Fri

    Only $ 60 per month.

    Answers would sent to their e mail or whatsapp